I'm a Beauty Editor, and These Are the 8 Zara Perfumes I Recommend for Winter

As a beauty editor, I'm not lying when I say that Zara perfumes are some of the best fragrances on the market. Don't get me wrong—I love my luxury perfumes from the likes of Le Labo and Byredo, but when I don't want to spend a fortune, I always turn to some select high-street perfumes to give my fragrance collection a refresh. Although I tend to stick to the same sort of scents, when winter rolls around I like to switch things up a little bit by introducing richer, warmer and earthier perfumes. In the name of getting excited for the season ahead, I decided to do some online shopping and treat myself to some of the best Zara winter perfumes. 

From deep, musky scents to sophisticated vanilla fragrances that remind me of my favourite indulgent desserts, I've included something for everyone. All of these perfumes smell so expensive, but you'll be pleased to hear that every one of them costs under £30. So, whether you're treating yourself or doing a little bit of early Christmas shopping for someone else, keep on scrolling for the best Zara winter perfumes. Trust me, everyone will be complimenting you on your new seasonal signature scent…

Shop the Best Zara Winter Perfumes:

1. Zara Ebony Wood

Key notes: Pink pepper, clove and ebony wood.

This is the Zara perfume I get the most compliments on, and I've repurchased it every single year. Created in collaboration with Jo Malone CBE (founder of Jo Loves), it's the perfect scent for winter thanks to warm and spicy notes of pink pepper and clove. Not only does everyone love it, but this statement fragrance lasts all day long, too. 

2. Zara Hypnotic Vanilla

Key notes: Apricot flower, jasmine, vanilla bourbon, moss and caramel.

I love sweet, vanilla-scented perfumes for the festive season, and this one really is quite hypnotic. Smooth, creamy vanilla and caramel are balanced out with earthy moss and rich jasmine for a sensual finish.

3. Zara Perpetual Oud

Key notes: Pear, pepper, rose, saffron, amber and patchouli. 

If you like warm, musky fragrances that feel like a cosy hug, then Perpetual Oud might be the one for you. Think spicy pepper, deep saffron, warm amber and sweet pear—a truly beautiful blend of notes that will keep you coming back for more.

4. Zara Energetically New York

Key notes: Cardamom, jasmine and sandalwood.

Another fragrance that's part of Zara's collaboration with Malone, this one is perfect for those of you who like something a little crisper and fresher for the winter months. Personally, it reminds me of cold winter days spent bundled up in a coat and scarf whilst exploring New York City, and it really captures that sense of excitement you get when visiting The Big Apple.

5. Zara Amber Fusion

Key notes: Bergamot, tangerine, red berries, lily of the valley and amber. 

This fragrance contains all of my favourite winter notes, like fresh red berries, citrusy tangerine and warm amber. When I wear this, I instantly have the urge to wander around a Christmas market with a cup of mulled wine in my hand. 

6. Zara Red Temptation Winter

Key notes: Saffron, orange, praline, vanilla, leather, amber, musk, cedar and patchouli. 

I'm sure you've all heard me rave about Zara's Red Temptation perfume, as it smells exactly like Baccarat Rouge 540. However, the brand has brought out a new edition for winter, with orange notes giving it a fresh, fruity edge. These are perfectly balanced with woody musk and amber, so it still has that warm, sensual finish.

7. Zara Golden Decade Winter

Key notes: Tangerine, bergamot, orange blossom, incense, jasmine, lavender, black vanilla, vetiver and amber. 

Zara has also treated us to a winter version of Golden Decade. Fresh, citrusy tangerine blends with orange blossom, woody incense, lavender, warm vanilla and amber. Trust me, you will love this. 

8. Zara Supreme Vanilla

Key notes: Tonka bean, cedarwood, Madagascan vanilla and pink sugar.

Another gorgeous sweet scent for the winter months is Zara's Supreme Vanilla. Delicious notes of pink sugar and Madagascan vanilla are given richness and depth thanks to the addition of cedarwood. This is a super-sophisticated, expensive-smelling version of your classic vanilla body spray.

Shop More of My Favourite Zara Winter Beauty Buys:

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I always stock up on Zara soaps as I think they make super-chic stocking fillers, and Black Vanilla is my winter scent of choice.

Pair the soap with a stylish hand cream like this one in the Dark Amber fragrance.