Stop Everything: Zara Is About To Get Even Better!

As if we needed one more reason to shop at Zara, the Spain-based fast-fashion retailer has given us one. According to Reuters, Zara is in the midst of implementing a special new inventory tagging system that will allow them to make the process of re-ordering out-of-stock items even faster. In laywoman's terms: when that chic striped blazer you want is out of stock (either online or in the store), the company will be able to replenish it at a rate faster than ever before.

How it works: a microprocessor-based tagging system tracks items from the time they leave the factory to the moment they are sold. The tags work via radio frequency identification, meaning that as soon as an items is purchased and no longer considered part of the available stock, the tag submits a signal alerting the inventory team. This way, Zara can keep track of when a certain item is about to run out of stockand start the process of replenishment before that number hits zero.

?The new tagging system has already been implemented in 700 stores, with 500 more stores expected to use it annually. This means that we're looking at a future where, potentially, your favourite Zara goodies might never really sell out. Are you as excited about this as we are about this? Sound off in the comments below!

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