9 Zara Trends Londoners Are 100% Going to Buy Into This Summer

You know you were born to be a fashion editor when scrolling through Zara's new-in section brings you inordinate amounts of joy. Although I know the biggest drops tend to happen on Mondays and Thursdays, I still like to scan the site daily—all in the name of journalism, of course!—to ensure I spot the next sell-out item before it, well, does just that; sell out. One of the perilous parts of doing so, however, is that I often see things I'd quite like for myself. This is Zara we're talking about, a brand which is generally appealing across the board. And right now, in regards to my own wardrobe, I'm naturally focussing on summer.

Zara Summer Trends: Jessica Skye wears a black crochet dress from Zara and a basket bag from Loewe



Jessica wears a crochet dress from Zara (£46)

I don't buy new items often, and when I do, it's usually to replace pieces that are beyond repair. Think white dresses with sun tan lotion stains that I just can't shift or, indeed, clothes that I've kept since my early 20s and no longer fit me. It wasn't until this past weekend, when the sun shone for the first time in what felt like ages that I realised I had a few gaps in my summer capsule from such past purges. Never mind, Zara's summer collection is here, and it has the items I could do with replenishing fully covered. However, upon scrolling, I couldn't help but notice that there were a handful of Zara's summer trends that really stood out; items I know will be all over my Instagram feeds and the streets of London in a matter of days.

Looking at the latest Zara wares, I couldn't help but think that the brand has nailed that London cool-girl aesthetic with its latest collection; a blend of relaxed tailoring, excellent separates and considered colours feels intrinsic to the aesthetic I see in coming out of the capital right now, which isn't an easy thing to encapsulate in one collection. As such, I've rounded up an edit of the Zara summer trends I know will dominate London this season. To see them, you need only scroll on.

1. Palazzo Pants

I've seen this set in real life and it looks so premium. 

A summer staple if there ever was one. 

2. Cut-Out Dresses

Asymmetric necklines were a key dress trend on the runway this season. 

Now that's what I call a thigh-high split. 

This chic sundress also comes in a cream colourway. 

3. Bustier Tops

This looks so high-end, particularly styled with camel-hued trousers. 

Prepare to see this top worn with jeans in every beer garden this summer. 

4. Soft Tailoring

I've been considering a suit for a wedding I'm attending... 

... And I think I've just found it. 

The organza panels on this blazer feel so current. 

5. Shell Jewellery

Mermaidcore is alive and well at Zara right now, with statement jewellery pulling focus. 

A new take on classic drop earrings. 

Truly, Zara's earring game cannot be beaten this summer. 

6. Printed Tulle

This is a trend I see constantly in London, and Zara does it better than anywhere else. 

Dress this top down with relaxed-fit denim and Birkenstocks. 

7. Summer Sparkle

Sparkle isn't just for party season; Zara is full of delicate sequinned pieces that were made for sundowners. 

Another designer-looking dress I can't stop thinking about. 

I'm in shock at how good this suit is. 

8. Lace-Up Shoes

Although sliders are still all the rage at Zara, I'm mostly interested in its array of lace-up pairs, which I've already seen on countless fashion girls. 

The red and white colour pairing looks so fresh. 

9. Cape Details

Cape details are coming through as one of the season's top microtrends. 

Ease yourself in with a cape top (or blazer as seen above) worn with jeans. 

A dress that speaks "drama."