51 New Summer Zara Items Destined to Sell Out

Confession: When assigned this story, I hadn't been on in a couple of months. What can I say? I'd been enjoying some alternative affordable brands instead. But now, I can confidently say Zara and I are thoroughly reacquainted, and the product offering is looking prime for summer. I looked through every single item on the site and have to admit I now have quite a few pieces in my personal cart. Because if I know anything about Zara, it's that those cult-favorite items go fast. From years of coverage of the brand on Who What Wear, our editors have cultivated a sharpened sense of what has the potential to sell out quickly. I pulled these products into one epic roundup of summer wardrobe goodness, so we can get our shopping kicks while the cream of the crop is still in stock. Scroll down to take a look.

Buttery yellow is every fashion girl's favorite colour right now. I especially love the little subtle edging detail under the bust.

Not sorry about the amount of butter yellow in this story. 

My allegiance to butter yellow was briefly tempted by this gorgeous sienna. 

A fresh take on a standard button-down shirt.

Future me is going to be pleased that current me bought this blazer.

Bless the hardworking throw-on dresses in our closet. This one will be a fine addition.

This belt would look great with the dress above! Don't you agree?

Looks like a suit, feels like loungewear.

This top is a great way to enhance your curves.

An objectively wonderful knit dress.

I know I already included a hot-pink version, but this orange set is just as delightful.

This might be my favorite pick of the whole bunch. The material. The hardware detail.

A lovely cut, colour and texture = swimsuit greatness.

Add a little whimsy to your knit set game.

The metallic suit trend is one of the top swim looks of the summer.

I'm not sure I want to admit how frequently I'm wearing drawstring shorts lately. This will for sure be worn.

May I offer a cropped sporty jacket to match the shorts?

This pretty little bag wants to come live at your house.

Most one-shoulder tops are of the tight, knit variety. This draped, rolled poplin situation is downright refreshing.

A slightly dressier top just because.

This looks like it would fit perfectly.

You can't go wrong with a midi dress.

This story was original published on the US site. 

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