7 Styling Tricks That Make Zara Clothes Look So Expensive

Zara Styling Trends 2020


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Admit it: You too wonder how Zara is able to turn all of its affordable products into outfits that look like they waltzed straight off the runway. Shopping at a brick-and-mortar Zara store is fine and dandy if you're into that sort of thing, but one of the biggest benefits of shopping Zara online is getting to see how the brand styles all of the pieces. In case you didn't know, Zara has an entire styling team dedicated to making sure all the products are shown off in the best possible way via, of course, even more Zara products. 

I could write a whole story just about the genius outfits I want to re-create that are currently on Zara's site, but instead, I decided to break down the top seven styling tricks Zara always uses to make its clothes look so expensive. From inventive layering to shocking shoe combinations, the below style trends are the ones to know whether you're on a budget or not. 

1. Size Up

When in doubt, size up. It's been proven that the slightly oversize look of a garment gives off the impression of a higher price tag, whereas the opposite would do, well, the opposite. Basically, everything looks cooler when it's a little bit bigger. 

2. Add a Layer

The addition of an unexpected layer helps to turn Zara's affordable pieces into something that looks designer. Be it a tailored vest under a suit, a poplin shirt poking out from beneath a cropped blazer, or a knit tank atop a button-down, the key to an expensive-looking ensemble à la Zara is layers, layers, layers. 

3. Play With Proportions

This styling trick is certainly the most unconventional of the bunch, but it has a major impact. Let's talk about proportion play. Instead of sticking to the kind of layering you're used to, think outside the box and leave that long shirt untucked, put a skirt on over pants, and wear long coats with short skirts. Trust—your outfit will be a sight for sore eyes. 

4. Make It Monochrome 

This is a timeless and easy-to-re-create styling hack that ensures you look like you paid a pretty penny, no matter what. Wearing one color from head to toe will not only save you tons of time getting dressed in the morning, but it will also ensure you're on-trend and looking forward as hell.

5. Juxtapose Your Shoes

One of my favorite styling tricks Zara uses is pairing shoes you would never expect to wear with the outfit at hand, but immediately upon seeing the duo, you buy both the clothes and the shoes. The addition of shoes that juxtapose the rest of the look always airs on the cool-girl side of the spectrum, and that's always the goal. 

6. Build Non-Basic Black Looks

There's never anything wrong with wearing head-to-toe black, but in order to make it clear that you actually tried and weren't just being lazy, you have to choose black pieces that are interesting. Zara is leading the space in terms of exciting yet cheap all-black looks, and the below outfits prove it. 

7. Contrast Color Combos

Contrast your colors. That's it. That's the styling tip. 

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