How Zara Uses the Treasure Hunt Theory to Get You to Spend Money

If you want to purchase a luxury item, the steps for spotting and ultimately buying it are pretty straightforward. You see the bag or pair of shoes on the runway or in an ad, and because of the seasonal fashion cycle, you know just when that item is going to hit shelves. Fast fashion? Not so much. As Refinery29 pointed out, you never really know what you're going to get, because Zara, for example, constantly gets new shipments, and it's unclear how long something will stay on the floor. It seems all over the place, but like Refinery29 mentioned, it's actually part of a strategy.

According to Business Insider, Zara succeeds because of the unpredictability of what's coming next and the constant change in stock (like when the brand sees a runway style and produces a similar item two weeks later). It's this "treasure hunt" strategy that keeps customers coming back. "Women feel like when they see something at Zara, they have to get it right then, or else they're not going to get it," Business Insider explained.

So that's why we can't resist scooping up the latest top or booties.

Are you a Zara fanatic? Do you check the site or the store multiple times per week? We want to know. And if you need to fuel your fix now, scroll below to shop a few of our favourite finds of the moment.