6 Tricks to Make Your Zara Shoes Last Twice as Long

Zara shoes are pretty much our only solace when the season’s most drool-worthy designer picks are sadly out of reach. Our go-to for of-the-moment kicks, the Spanish retailer offers plenty of affordable, on-trend styles, but they’re not the most durable kicks on the block by comparison. That being said, there are simple steps you can take to increase their life span and ensure that your Zara shoes aren’t one-season wonders.

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Your best chance at prolonging the life of your shoes is to take preventative measures. If they’re leather, suede, or even canvas, treat them with a leather protector, such as Dr. Martens Ultra Protector. It’ll protect them from all the dirt, water, and stains they’ll inevitably encounter.

Give your shoes a rest after you wear them so they have time to dry out. Otherwise, you risk stretching them permanently.

If they come sans rubber, take your shoes to a professional shoe repairer and have them resoled with rubber soles. Not only will this improve comfort, but it’ll also ensure that the soles don’t flake out on you prematurely.

We’re all guilty of slipping our lace-up shoes off without untying them. But if you want to avoid stretching them out unnecessarily, it’s time to nix this habit.

Invest in shoe conditioning cream and a suede brush for maintenance. This will help bring them back to their original lustre. Remove any soiling that occurs with a damp cloth and mild detergent, such as Ivory.

One of the outcomes of a busy schedule, which we all have, is a mound of clothes and an equally large pile of shoes on the floor by week’s end. Our advice? Take 15 seconds out of your day to put your shoes in their proper place. In a pile, they risk scuff marks and misshape.

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How long do your Zara shoes usually last? Do you have any tricks to keep them looking new? Tell us in the comments below!