Will THIS Make You Stop Buying Zara Shoes?

If you’re a frequent Zara patron like myself, the below infographic we found on Racked.com might put your spending habits into perspective—it certainly did for me. I’ll explain. I’m what you call an impulse shopper; if something is under $100 or slightly discounted, I always find a way to “justify” the purchase. If I spend a little here or a little there, the budget-friendly buys don’t immediately dent my bank account, and I’m not forced to contemplate whether or not I really “need” an item. But after taking a look at the visual below, it might be time to change my purchasing patterns—scroll to see why. 

To be completely honest, spending over $800 on a pair of shoes terrifies me, but sneaking a $60 or $90 charge every month doesn't really faze me, because I consider the purchase as a reward rather than an investment. But the visual above made me think that if I avoided minor and “just-because” purchases, I’d be able to:

1) Splurge on items I truly desire.
2) Have less clutter in my closet.
3) As a result, my wardrobe would be full of pieces I'd actually want to wear.

My point is that if you know what you like, it might be worth it to skip those smaller purchases, and save for something truly special. 

Scroll down to shop some of our favourite investment shoes!

Alexander Wang Antonia Elaphe Sandals ($595)

Alexander Wang Dana Ankle Strap Sandals ($450)

Do you agree that you should save up for bigger investment purchases rather than buying many smaller items? Sound off below by leaving us a comment!