Is It Even Possible to Shop at Zara When You're Plus-Size?

Diversity in the fashion industry is a subject under close scrutiny at the moment, and many of these conversations, quite rightly, revolve around better representation and further inclusivity of body diversity. One of the biggest issues facing the shopping public right now is the complexity of clothing sizes. There have been various social media storms surrounding this subject, typically featuring people who are confronted by the fact that a store they’d like to shop at doesn’t stock their size at all (and often seems like it never will).

High-street giant Zara has been criticised for not stocking anything bigger than a size large, and none of us—no matter our clothing size—should accept this as the norm. We decided to dig a little deeper and chat with a number of plus-size influencers and models to find out what it’s really like to shop at a store that so many people rave about. We also got their top tips for finding those curve-friendly pieces at Zara. Scroll down to see what they said.