Zara Has Made Perfumes So Good I Wish I Could Keep Them a Secret

We all know that fashion and fragrance go hand in hand. Just as your clothes communicate what your vibe is for the day, perfume can do the same. It's olfactory storytelling at its very finest. 

But our minds tend to go straight to luxury fashion when we think of the similarities with fragrance. Let's face it, we've all had buyer's remorse from the watered-down scents that ended up in our high-street shopping basket when we only went in for a grey T-shirt.

It's time to rethink high-street fragrances, and when Jo Malone CBE, founder of Jo Loves, teamed up with Zara for a fragrance collection, it was beauty's equivalent to breaking Instagram. It's quickly grown popular with all the fashion girls.

Zara Perfumes: Zara Emotions collection



The eight fragrances in the Zara Emotions collection have been going down a storm thanks to their chic and heavy packaging that looks like it was made just for an Instagram flat-lay. It doesn't hurt that the Jo Loves simplistic look is crying out for a spot on your perfume tray.

Zara Perfumes: Waterlily Tea Dress EDP in handbag



Now, it gets even better when you dive into what's inside the bottles. There's a scent in here for everyone, whether you want a fresh and zesty blend to get you set for spring (Vetiver Pamplemousse) or a moody hit of peppercorn and deep woods for an unexpected night out (Ebony Wood). 

All with the captivating blend of notes that you'd expect from Jo Malone CBE. The collection can also be layered so you can create a scent that's all you. 

If the can't-stop-sniffing scents and minimal bottles aren't enough to sway you, I know what will—the prices. Starting at £6 for the 10ml then going up to £16 for 40ml and a beyond-affordable £26 for 90ml. 

Remember, this collection is by the perfumer who brought the iconic Pomegranate Noir and Earl Grey and Cucumber scents by Jo Malone London into the world, so this basically daylight robbery.

Keep scrolling to shop the collection, and while you're at it, you might as well take the dress that's been sitting in your Zara basket to checkout too.

Shop the Zara Emotions by Jo Malone CBE collection

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