I Never Thought I'd Wear This Divisive Boot Trend, But Zara Has Changed My Mind

When did over-the-knee boots suddenly become the height of fashion? I think I've nailed it down to when Rihanna wore those Vetements x Manolo Blahnik orange boots. But, as we all know, what looks good on Rihanna isn't always so easy to translate onto the average person. It's not that a "normal" human doesn't look great, it's more than Rihanna always makes everything look exceptional. Not to mention the fact that the fashion crowd has often shied away from overtly sassy looks.

Right now, understatement is what it's all about, what with nu-minimalism taking centre stage. While I'm more than happy with this current trend, I recently spotted the Zara over-the-knee boots, and I've completely changed my mind. Perhaps it's that I'm willing to be more adventurous with fashion, but I think a lot of it is to do with how expensive these boots look.

The boots come in four colours—white, khaki, brown and black. These are all great minimalistic colours that will genuinely work with a lot in my wardrobe and will look great with skirts and jeans. I might not be willing to wear a miniskirt with them yet, but I guarantee I'll be trying it out when I've built up the confidence. Keep scrolling to see the boots and see how to style the above. 

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