My Grandma and I Both Shop at Zara—Here's What We Always Buy

My Grammie Dianne has taught me many things: a love of convertible cars, that Elvis really is king, and, most of all, a sense of style. We've been keen shoppers for as long as I can remember, and she's always been sure that I knew my own tastes.

My confidence—or perhaps, stubbornness—in knowing my style came directly from my Grammie. With every birthday or Christmas gift my family gives her, we ensure there's a gift receipt obviously attached, knowing full well she will choose something better. She knows what she likes, and I've always admired that.

Though I am trying my best to shop less and shop better, there are times when I can't resist something from Zara, and my Grammie is exactly the same. We always fawn over each other's outfits when we see each other, and there is often a surprise Zara element to each of our looks.


Isabel Mundigo-Moore

Despite our different styles (and, yes, our generational age gap), we do agree on the pieces we always buy from Zara. We appreciate that there is something for both of us, no matter our mood or fashion craving. We don't go there for everything, but with our keen eye and decisive shopping style, there are certain Zara pieces we can rely on.

We recently realised what those key items are: Both of us return to Zara for jackets and blazers, statement tops and accessories. Keep scrolling to shop the new-in pieces we both approve of from these specific categories.


We are always checking the Zara new-in section for jackets because—over years of both owning a few—we have each discovered they have a consistently good cut and fit for our body shapes. My Grammie prefers the longer, classic styles in bright colours, while I go for tailored simple blazers or a fun printed coat.


We both fell for the organza bow blouse this season. We find that statement tops in the £30–£40 price range at Zara tend to actually last. My Grammie goes for bright colours and voluminous styles, while I like to try the trend textures (feathers!) and prints.


We would both describe our personal style as classic, but we do like to poke around the accessories for fun additions to add a twist to an outfit. We both love gold jewellery, which Zara has plenty of. My Grammie likes to match her accessories (especially scarves) to her outfit, which is something I've started doing too.