I Dressed in Zara for 7 Days Straight

My wardrobe, like many of my fellow Who What Wear employees’, is a blend of affordable and luxury fashion. It’s a mix of of-the-moment items along with investment pieces that have been collected over the years. To me, that feels like a modern way of dressing. Sure, I have a pair of Chanel slingbacks that ground many of my looks, but there’s likely going to be a pair of £40 jeans that are a part of the outfit as well.

And it’s probably no secret at this point, but Zara is one of the go-to retailers our editors (myself included) count on for great affordable finds. The brand is a treasure trove of about-to-hit trends, but the real magic is Zara’s ability to look into the future and predict what we’ll want to wear a month down the road. And equally important, it has the ability to make them accessible enough to wear IRL.

This week, I decided to embrace my affinity for Zara and put myself up to a kind of wardrobe challenge: to dress in Zara for a week straight. And I did. For the office, for a date night, for dinner with friends, for a weekend coffee run—all my outfits were built around affordable pieces from Zara. What it resulted in was a mix of some more experimental trend-forward outfits (hello, tiger-print trousers) with less risky looks that fit into my everyday wardrobe (yes, high-waisted denim is involved). Ahead shop the Zara items I wore and the pieces I styled them with.