The Trend Zara Wants You to Wear This Autumn

With the influx of fall trends finally arriving in-store, it can be tricky to determine where to start first. Should you splurge on a pair of velvet ankle boots? Maybe pick up a slip dress? Well, if Zara has anything to say about it, the first thing you add to your wardrobe will be something shimmery. The brand debuted a new editorial, “Bling Bling,” for its TRF line, and let’s just stay there’s plenty of sparkle to catch your eye.

From a statement-making pink skirt to a silver puffer jacket you’ll wear all winter long, there’s no shortage of heavy metal in the stylish spread. Pairing them with soft sweaters, sporty accessories, and basic tees, Zara proves that it’s easy to incorporate metallics into your wardrobe for the coming months.

So if you’re ready to kick off your autumn shopping, read on for a look at the spread and to shop the pieces.