Is Zara Over This Popular Way of Dressing?

In recent seasons, when you thought of Zara, images of clean, minimal looks probably came to mind. There was nary a ruffle, embellishment, or fringe detail in sight, and the colour palette was muted. But thanks to the impact Gucci across the entire industry, that's all changed. Since Creative Director Alessandro Michele took the helm in 2015, Gucci has emerged as the most influential brand, and as a result, a large portion of the fashion design world has adopted his maximalist aesthetic. Maximalism is defined by bold, layered looks, embellishment, colour, pattern and a mix of shapes and textures—of course, that's the complete opposite to the minimal subtlety that was the sartorial norm three years ago.

Given Zara's acute understanding of shifts in trends, no further explanation is needed to understand why the retailer has ditched the pared-back looks in favour of all-but-the-kitchen-sink fashion, in the case of both its massive inventory and how it's styled. Frills, prints, colour and layering abound, and given the loyal fan base, we're quite sure that Zara lovers around the world have begun to ditch their minimal looks, at least for now. (That said, if minimalist fashion best reflect your style, then by all means, stick to what makes you feel comfortable and confident.)

Keep scrolling to shop Zara pieces that display their shift to maximalism, and see how this way of dressing plays out in real life at the end.

Take our advice and add some red to your wardrobe—it's everywhere right now, and it's the colour that scientifically suits most skin tones.

Patiently waiting for these to come back in stock…

These days, the bigger the sleeve, the better. 

Ruffled everything feels so forward right now. 

Do as Zara does and pair this with something equally vibrant.

You could wear black leather slides, but why would you when these are an option?

This skirt proves maximalism can be office appropriate, too.

The best thing to wear with pink this season is more pink.

See Maximalism in the Street Style World



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Opening Images: Zara

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