How to Get Hired at Zara

It's no secret—we all love Zara. But do you love it so much you'd work at the company? Well here's your chance. Cosmopolitan took an inside look at the brand and spoke with U.S. Human Resources representative Belén Quirós to get the inside scoop on what the company really looks for in its candidates. "We [Inditex, the retailer that owns Zara] look for people with creativity, flexibility, initiative, enthusiasm, commitment, and passion for fashion," according to Quirós. "Our people have to be able to adapt to changes and will be asked to have a strong sense of customer orientation, teamwork, very good communication skills, and, above all, common sense in everything they do." So interesting. 

If you want to learn more about how to get hired at Zara, keep reading the interview on Cosmopolitan. And if you're looking to shop new arrivals from Zara, scroll below to scope out a few of our favourite finds.