7 Instagram Accounts That Are Solely Dedicated to Zara

Could you be obsessed enough with Zara to not only wear it 24/7 but also set up a dedicated Instagram account for it? If your answer is yes (or even maybe), you're in good company: There are countless handles and hashtags that exist solely to worship at the altar of Zara. From #zarashoes to #zaradaily or feeds such as @zaraaddiction and @zara.mania, there are thousands upon thousands of brand-related posts out in the ether. The straight-up #zara hashtag alone boasts over 19.3 million—and we thought we shopped a lot…

Rather than trying to sift through the excess of the hashtags, it's a better bet to rely on the people already doing the hard work for you. The below accounts break through the noise to bring you an edit of what's trending from the Spanish store in real time. But there are nuances between all of them, before you think it'll be same-same no matter where you scroll. For example, while some of the accounts zero in on one hero Zara item (yes, we're talking about that coat), others feature a more polished, Olivia Palermo–esque kind of style.

Keep reading to find out which Zara Instagram account will be your new secret source of outfit inspiration.

Shop some of our favourite Spanish brands:

Bimba is like a wilder, more expensive version of Zara.

There's your summer party schedule all wrapped up.

The most flattering skirt shape on everyone.

You didn't think we'd forget them, did you?

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