Zara Has Just Announced Some Major News About Its Clothing

There's big news from the world of Zara. And, no, it's not that Olivia Palermo is wearing another item from the store (although we always welcome new ways to shop like the fashion icon). Instead, the high-street superstore, which is renowned for its turnover of trends and its fast-fashion approach, has revealed that it's launched a new sustainable line.

So why is this major news? Well, for a brand that relies on the quick turnover of new product, this means that it's taking a whole new approach to producing its garments, at least with one branch of its clothing. According to its website, the line, called Join Life, is for a woman who "looks into a more sustainable future." The pieces are all made from organic cotton, recycled wool, and the sustainable fabric Tencel, which is made from regenerated wool cellulose and is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics on the market.

Of course, the next question is whether it's any good. Well, seeing as this is Zara, what do you think? The designs definitely fit in the classic category, rather than being totally trend led, but there are pieces that would work for this season and the next. Keep scrolling to see which pieces we would shop from Zara's sustainable line, Join Life.

Wear this under a black roll-neck as the weather cools.

This chic dress will look incredible with ankle boots or white sneakers.

A classic coat that will last you forever. 

This is your new work dress calling you.

Another classic jacket that will go with everything you own. AKA, a bargain.

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Opening Image: Zara

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