Zara Has Predicted We'll All Be Wearing These 5 Joyful Colours This Spring

Not a fan of colour? Be prepared to be converted. If Zara has its way, we will all be adorned in every vibrant, punchy shade the rainbow has to offer. And we're here for it. What better way to step into the new season than wearing joyful colours that are bound to give you a confidence boost as soon as you put them on? Sure, the minimalists out there may be shocked and alarmed at the idea of zesty orange, punchy pink and all shades of highlighter greens, but we have something for you, too. Every piece in all its colourful joy is sleek, fuss-free and a twist on a classic. So these colour trends are not as in-your-face as you may think on first inspection.

We're talking colour-block minidresses that'll look effortless teamed with buttery cream and tan, bright wide-leg trousers that could be worn with your favourite white shirt, and bold blazers that'll elevate even the simplest of T-shirt-and-jeans combos. For the maximalists, though, the way to wear this trend is one hue top to toe (also dubbed as a "column of colour") or, for an even more daring option, clashed with one of Zara's other key colours. We'll let you decide how adventurous you'll be with styling Zara's five hero Skittle shades, but one thing's for sure: You'll feel instant happiness from every single one of them. 

1. Zesty Orange

This dress + knee-high boots = perfection.

Front splits will show off fancy shoes. 

We're imagining this ruched beauty with baggy jeans. 

2. Popping Pink

You could layer this over a second-skin polo top. 

A "nice top" to wear with any jeans. 

3. Punchy Greens

The dreamiest shade of green we've ever seen.

A block-colour bag is an easy way to try out a new shade. 

Plissé pleated fabrics are everywhere for spring. 

4. Cobalt Blue

Try it out with a slinky slip skirt and trainers.

A cami dress can do no wrong. 

Ready to be worn to every upcoming summer soirée.

5. Lemon Yellow

The spring version of the knit dress. 

No wardrobe is complete without a cute cardi. 

Belted trousers are so flattering. 

The way to wear knits for new season.