4 Colours Zara Is Backing In A Big Way for Spring

Spring is always a time when I inject some colour back into my wardrobe, after spending months wearing greys, navys and browns. At this point though those colours are feeling a little drab and I'm gravitating towards more vibrant shades. If you've read our spring summer 2021 trend report you'll know that an overarching theme for the season was a desire to put the joy back into fashion, which resulted in a sea of bright colours.

The stand out shade was certainly pink, as almost every collection included fuchsias and hot pinks. Unsurprisingly Zara took note, and the new-in section is filled with lots of bright pink treasures from chunky jumpers to jeans. However that's not the only colour the high street brand is backing right now, as you'll also find lots of tangerines and burnt oranges which are ideal for much-anticipated summer drinks. Green is a colour that has been trending for several seasons now, and it continues to be a popular shade with Zara's design team, as you'll find everything from limes to emeralds. Then finally, for those who are a little less adventurous with colour, there are lots of beautiful pieces in stones, creams and beige.

Keep scrolling to see my edit of the best new-in Zara pieces, divided by colour.



1. All Shades of Green

2. Bright Pink

3. Orange

4. Beige

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