The 6 Colours Zara Wants Us to Wear in 2019

Spring is always the time when we inject colour back into our wardrobes, as new-in sections mirror the colours you see filling the buckets at Columbia Road Flower Market. Zara has now gone into full-on spring mode with coats in colours you'd find in a bunch of tulips and dresses splattered in pansies. Zara has gotten behind a number of colours this spring, however, there are six in particular that we think will resonate the most.

For the bolder dressers among us, there's grassy green and punchy orange. Other pieces in pink, powder blue, soft yellow and camel all work like neutrals also easily blend with other shades. Keep scrolling to shop our favourite new Zara pieces divided into all the key colours of the season.

1. Green

2. Soft Yellow

3. Orange

4. Pale Blue

5. Sugary Pink

6. Camel

Next up, see our guide to the key trends for spring/summer 2019.

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