I'm in My 30s, and This Is How I Shop at Zara

I'll admit that there was a period in my 20s when a good 75% of my clothing purchases were from Zara. Not that it was a problem since Zara is filled with gems, as you know. But I have sought out more wardrobe diversity in my 30s, and my Zara shopping habits have changed as a result. In my 20s, I threw caution to the wind when it came to Zara. I saw something cute and bought it (and oftentimes later returned it when I'd realized I already owned something identical). My approach to shopping the mega fast-fashion retailer is significantly more thoughtful now. So much so that I've developed a few hard-and-fast strategies for how to shop at Zara—all of which seem to be working well for me and my wardrobe thus far.

With that, keep reading to find out what my shopping approach at Zara is post–age 30 and shop my current picks.