If You're One of Those Cat People, You Need to See Zara's New Drop

Zara has had an epic new drop this week, and once again, this includes kimonos, kimonos and more kimonos. But there's another slinky sleepwear-inspired item that has caught our eye, and it's made for those of you who love cats just as much as people (or maybe even more).

We all have a friend with a camera roll that is 90% filled with cat pictures, and trust us, they'll want to see Zara's chic fashion equivalent to a cat GIF. The new collection includes a champagne pink silky pyjama-inspired suit set, with an oversize blouse and cropped trousers that are covered in illustrations of a playful cat.

Of course, this isn't the first time that cats and the fashion industry have joined forces, as Elle Fanning has worn Dolce & Gabbana's cat prints and Gucci has created amazing jumpers with cat faces on the front. Scroll below to see Zara's own twist on the cat suit.

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