Zara's Clever Strategy That Keeps You Coming Back for More

Zara's HQ is no doubt full to the rafters with complete geniuses, but if you've ever wondered just how the company turns around predictive, trend-smashing pieces that we want (before we even know we want them), then a peek into a small facet of Zara's business strategy explains a lot. 

Zara analyse everything, of course they do, but they're really responsive to what YOU are buying in real time too. This works in two ways. A little industry birdie has told us that if something sells out in a flash, it's sure to be reproduced and put back onto shop floors and online ASAP. So far, so normal. However, our source continues to tell us that Zara look at what's really popular and then sets out to create alternative, tweaked, souped-up, new versions quickly and easily to keep up with the demand. This in turn guarantees you're discovering something fresh without stepping outside of what you're interested in, plus, it also ensures that you're not caught wearing the same Zara item as everyone in your friendship group/office/hometown… even if you are all hooked. 

This process most often applies from season to season—meaning if something's sold wildly during the summer, it's likely you'll see rebooted iterations arriving back in time for autumn. We'd say you could clearly see this tactic in 2016 via the one jacket trend that keeps going: the bomber has returned in many ways with different trims, colours and finishes. Clever, right? 

All this Zara talk is making us feel pretty spendy. Scroll down to shop our favourite pieces available now…

Peekaboo shoulders are always a flattering choice.

White handbags are a current obsession of ours.

AKA the boots we'll wear everyday henceforth.

So embroidery is obviously one of Zara's key focuses right now.

In case you didn't get the memo, jean-belts are really back.

What do you love buying in the store? Find out how to shop Zara like a French girl for maximum chicness.

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