The Zara Buy That Carrie Bradshaw Would Definitely Wear

We'd be the first to admit that Carrie Bradshaw made some dubious fashion choices among the excellent ones. But there's one item that she would often wear that we loved, even if it seemed like a bit of a "dad" number. That's right, we're talking about the bum bag. Or, to put it in more sophisticated terms, the belt bag. We've recently spotted a load of them on some of our favourite online stores and high-street shops, much to our surprise.

But before you start questioning our fashion judgement. there are many obvious perks of the belt bag we should tell you about. For starters, it doubles up as an incredible accessory, one you can cinch around your middle to give your waist definition (in fact, Marni's S/S 17 runway was full of these utilitarian add-ons). Also, instead of carrying a regular handbag, you can put all your items inside and forget about it. Not only will this help your shoulders, but you'll also have your hands free for more important things.

To prove our point about how stylish these items are, we suggest you keep scrolling to see our pick of the best around right now.