5 Trending Colours Zara Is Backing in a Big Way for Autumn

Is it just us, or has someone flipped the switch from summer to autumn at Zara HQ? On our latest deep dive into its new-in section, we didn't have to look far to realise that autumn has officially arrived at the brand. Needless to say, this is something we're pretty pleased about.

After a recent cold snap and distinctly shorter days, we're officially and unapologetically in autumn mode—and Zara is more than happy to cater to our subsequent style needs with its fresh dose of knitwear, jeans, jackets and boots. However, these aren't the only buys Zara's getting right. In fact, it's already evident that there are five trending colours its is backing for the season ahead.

Zara Autumn Colours: The 5 hues Zara is backing in a big way for autumn



Investing in trend-led colours is one of the easiest ways to bring your outfits and your wardrobe bang up to date, and right now, Zara is serving up some of the most impressive we've seen. 

Below, you'll find the five shades that Zara predicts will be all the rage. From the colour that was all over the runways and the hue guaranteed to lift your existing autumn wares to the never-date tone that is an ideal move away from black and navy, keep scrolling to see the chicest examples of Zara's autumn colours


Commonly associated with summertime, orange works just as well, if not better, in autumn, especially with the likes of khaki, navy, and cream. With the power to brighten every outfit, orange tones have already made their way into countless influencers' looks by way of knitwear.


Our obsession with all things green might have started in summer, but this confirms it—we'll be wearing it for the rest of the year. This is great news if you've already invested in the trend. However, if you're on the hunt for a new green wardrobe addition, Zara has plenty of pieces to choose from. 


After falling out of fashionable favour for a few years, brown is very much back on the agenda, with many of the sleekest autumn offerings we've seen coming in the shade. 


Whatever the year, whatever the season, blue always makes its way onto our radar in one saturation or another. For autumn 2021, in place of powdery pastels, designers opted for vivid blue tones, best described as electric blues. Naturally, Zara is already in on the action. 


Pink has proven to be one of the biggest colour trends of the last five years, and it would appear that it's not ready to give up its crown just yet. At Zara, the hue features on over 500 pieces—here are five we think you need to see. 

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