In Just 24 Hours, These Bags Will Have Sold Out

Here are a few facts about Yuzefi bags that you should probably be made aware of:

1. Each time the brand launches its handcrafted luxury box bags onto its own website, the stock sells out within 24 hours.

2. Bloggers worldwide are buying and furiously Instagramming them as we type. From Italy's Eleonora Carisi to Greece's Natalia Georgala, these little pieces of arm candy are doing the rounds.

3. Yuzefi's wares are priced around the midrange sweet spot, from the £365 mark up to £565, which is considerably less than your average It bag.

4. Browns—which has just debuted another two new colourways in the ultra-popular Asher style—had to double up on reordering another batch of stock just four days after the last time Yuzefi landed.

And we're telling you this because the aforementioned restocking has just happened, and it's clearly important to know first and fast.

Keep reading to see the girls that have been toting the bag brand of the moment, and then carry on to shop the exclusive colourways and existing pieces (while they last).


Perfect for the autumn, and we always like to plan ahead.

This bag is simple, but the colourway is different enough so you're guaranteed to stand out.

And now, the most important bag trends of the summer.

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