All Young Royals Approve This Dress Trend

Thanks to Meghan, Harry, Kate and Willliam (aka the new-gen royals), the general public have well and truly fallen back in love with the monarchy and its extended family members. A decade ago, they were very much the out-of-touch aristocracy, but in recent years, they have made serious gains when it comes to updating their image, as they've opened up about mental health, marrying non-royals and generally revealing an altogether more "human" side.

This renewed fascination with royal life has also turned the spotlight on the lesser-known, younger royals, such as Lady Amelia Windsor and Lady Kitty Spencer. They have the glamorous sheen of a fancy title, but perhaps less pressure—or rules and regs—when it comes to their sartorial choices. Although these women each possess their own unique sense of style, we've noticed that the floral dress seems to be a recurring favourite among this stylish bunch. Yes, it might not be the most ground-breaking fashion choice, but these women are familiar with event dressing, and clearly, it's a winning formula. Who are we to argue?