These 14 YOLO Outfits Have Inspired Me to Break More Fashion Rules

The only rule of YOLO (you only live once) style is that there are no rules. Yes, I'm bringing YOLO back, and this time, it's back in style. I'm talking about trying a wacky new trend because… YOLO. You want to leave the house with no trousers? Go ahead. Thinking of wearing a party dress to work? Do it! Clash colours, wear head-to-toe tie-dye, or pair silky pyjamas with feather mules and a baseball cap. It's the 2019 mantra you need to say forget the rules and wear whatever you want. Why not? You only live once.

Think everyone from Carrie Bradshaw to Tiffany Hsu to our very own readers. Scrolling through Instagram lately made me realise so many of our favourite fashion people are breaking fashion rules and owning it. Keep scrolling for all of the YOLO inspiration from those who wear exactly what they please, when they please, and seize the day in style.