The New Instagram Trend Making Mini Sunglasses Die Out

Are teeny-tiny sunglasses dying out? We only ask because some of the coolest, most directional girls we know on Instagram are opting for something rather different: big, retro, '70s-style frames complete with equally vintage-looking yellow lenses.

A new eyewear trend is afoot, so if micro-shades were never really your thing (they didn't exactly do the job of "shading" my eyes from the sun, so I wasn't on board from the start), then this fresh slice of summer-style inspiration may be what you've been waiting for. Or perhaps you're just a sunglass aficionado looking to make your next big move, in which case, this is it.

See how Pernille Teisbaek, Irina Lakicevic, Maria Bernad, Emili Sindlev and more are all putting a strong case together for the return of yellow-lensed supersized, sporty sunglasses. Keep scrolling to see and shop our favourite pairs.