The New Instagram Trend Making Mini Sunglasses Die Out

Are teeny-tiny sunglasses dying out? We only ask because some of the coolest, most directional girls we know on Instagram are opting for something rather different: big, retro, '70s-style frames complete with equally vintage-looking yellow lenses.

A new eyewear trend is afoot, so if micro-shades were never really your thing (they didn't exactly do the job of "shading" my eyes from the sun, so I wasn't on board from the start), then this fresh slice of summer-style inspiration may be what you've been waiting for. Or perhaps you're just a sunglass aficionado looking to make your next big move, in which case, this is it.

See how Pernille Teisbaek, Irina Lakicevic, Maria Bernad, Emili Sindlev and more are all putting a strong case together for the return of yellow-lensed supersized, sporty sunglasses. Keep scrolling to see and shop our favourite pairs.

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Shop Our Favourite Yellow-Lens Sunglasses

Trust Gucci to outdo itself on this trend.

You need to check out this eyewear brand ASAP.

Scandi brands are onto the trend too.

We want to wear them with a Hawaiian shirt too.

Captain Prada, reporting for duty.

These almost like they could have belonged to your grandparents.

These shades are like a ray of sunshine. Now see our favourite summer outfit ideas.

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