I Have a Theory on What Will Be 2017's It Dress—Hear Me Out

Sometimes a major trend only requires one pivotal designer, moment or wearer to take flight. Oftentimes it's a drip, drip, drip effect, where signals present themselves consistently over a period of time until they reach an unavoidable fashion peak. The latter has just come to fruition, in my opinion, for the yellow dress. The yellow dress, you ask? What's so important about that? I don't know if I even yellow suit! you exclaim. But bear with me, because there is a body of proof as to why this one item—in its many new forms—could be the linchpin to all spring/summer wardrobes this year…

Keep reading for all the signs that point toward the yellow-dress boom, and shop some of our favourites below.

Clue #1: Beyoncé's "Hold Up" Video

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The prize for most memorable music video of 2016 could be split between Beyoncé for "Hold Up" and her sister, Solange, for "Cranes in the Sky," but we are certain the former will be indelibly etched into fashion history. Beyoncé's ruffled, billowing Cavalli gown will stand the test of time and influence many a frock to come, but it has been so visible as to be used as Halloween costume fodder—now that's when you know something has hit the mainstream.

Clue #2: Belle in Beauty and the Beast

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We've been teased with trailers of Emma Watson's Belle portrayal for months now. Will it be as good as the original animated version? Absolutely. Will it stay true to our old favourite? Well, her ball gown remains lemon yellow, so that's good enough—and influential enough—for us to vote confidently. 

Clue #3: The S/S 17 Runways

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Getty Images; PICTURED (clockwise from top left): Emilio Pucci, Chloé, Rochas, Alexis Mabille, Erdem, Mulberry

Never in my decade in this industry have I witnessed so much yellow in any given season's runway shows. S/S 17 teemed with bold hues in general, but the race for number one colour looked equally split between bright pink and sunshine yellow—the former being the more established and obvious choice, so we can overlook its power in this argument!

Clue #4: Emma Stone's La La Land Dress


A photo posted by La La Land (@lalaland) on

Ah, the movie poster we all keep wishing we starred in… It's La La Land, and if you can just ignore for a second that Emma Stone is being swept off her feet by Ryan Gosling, you will notice that she, too, is wearing a rather striking yellow sundress. If this is the result of such a concise fashion choice, count me in.

Clue #5: Net-a-Porter's Historical Sales

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When I attended Net-a-Porter's S/S 17 presentation, Sarah Ruston, vice president of global buying, gave the brand's investment in the (seemingly tricky) yellow dress trend some context. Turns out yellow frocks always sell well on the platform, and apparently many women find, much to their own surprise, that myriad hues can match myriad complexions. So there you have it.

And if Victoria Beckham has already invested—both in terms of wearing and designing—it's a safer bet than you perhaps once thought.

See more of the season's best colour combinations.

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