Profiled: How Yasmin Sewell Transitioned from Real Estate to Fashion

Today, Yasmin Sewell is more than just one of the most recognisable street style figures in the fashion world—she also wears several hats in the industry, and she wears each of them very well. She runs her own eponymous consulting firm—with clients like Chloé, Hermès, Zara, ASOS, and more—and is the creative director of Être Cécile, the cult-loved fashion brand with a significant It-girl following.

But one interesting fact often overlooked in Sewell's career is that she actually didn't start out in fashion at all—she worked in real estate. In a recent one-on-one chat, the Australia-born, U.K.-based fashion mogul explained to us how she made such a drastic career move.

"At about age 15, I left school early," Sewell told us. "I got lucky because I ended up landing quite an amazing job, working for a phenomenal [real estate] company in Australia that was better than any higher education at any college. If I hadn’t gotten that job, I don’t know quite where I’d be today."

She elaborated that the lessons she learned from her mentor, John McGrath, who founded and helmed Sydney-based realty company McGrath, ended up being of great benefit to her when she launched her fashion career several years later.

"This real estate company was owned by this man [McGrath] who was at the time 26 years old and a high-profile self-made millionaire," Sewel told us. "He had a very fresh take on how to serve his customers and how to connect with customers. He had a huge vision, and today he is a multibillionaire because he really stuck to that vision."

Sewell continued, "I was a hard worker, and I ended up doing very well in that real estate company and almost running the company with the founder when I was 18. Wherever I was going to go after that, I knew I was going to do a good job, because I had been trained by somebody who was pretty intense. [McGrath] engrained in me a true understanding of service, and that’s what I’ve taken with me throughout my career: how to give people a unique experience and really treat them differently. He was doing it in real estate, and now I’ve tried to take that into my career in fashion."

Not long after, Sewell got the itch to work in fashion ("I had simply always loved it," she says) and relocated to London, and the rest is history. She continues to effortlessly draw a meaningful connection between two seemingly unconnected worlds—real estate and fashion—which has proven fruitful in her insanely successful career.

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