Would You Wear an Apple Ring?

The Apple Watch has definitely made an impact in the tech world and the fashion world: Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Karlie Kloss have all been spotted wearing them. But what if there was an Apple Ring? 

This past Thursday, Apple applied for a patent for a "Ring Computing Device," according to Fashionista. The ring would essentially be a touchscreen you wear on your finger with wireless capabilities, and it would be able to communicate with other devices. Like the watch, it could have additional voice and motion-related input and a camera.

Forbes says the patent for the ring includes technology that would also allow you to write without pen and paper: "Simply writing a word with your ring-enabled finger will be enough to act as a modern input device for the paired device." Of course, applying for a patent doesn't mean the ring is on its way or will ever exist, but for now, it's fun to think about. 

Scroll down to see some preliminary drawings of the Apple Ring!


United States Patent & Trademark Office

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