The Shoes-and-Tights Combo You Should Never Wear, According to Vogue

Not ready to ditch your open-toe shoes? No worries! American Vogue recently provided the dos and don’ts of wearing the typically warm-weather shoes during the winter. To solve this fashion dilemma, the publication had its stylish staff weigh in. The consensus? It comes down to the choice of tights. And according to the site’s fashion news editor Alessandra Codinha, nude tights are always a no-no. “Never, never wear an open-toe shoe with nude tights of any sort,” she recommends.

Do you agree with this Vogue-approved style tip? Before you let us know your thoughts, scroll down to shop our favourite open-toe heels!

Go all-out for the ’80s and wear these with fishnets.

These are fast becoming go-to party shoes for girls who want to dance all night.

Platforms always look good with nerd-style woolen hosiery. 

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