The 4 Trends Our Editors Are Avoiding This Autumn

It's one thing to spot a trend, but it's important to recognise the trends that will never fit into your personal style. Looking through our autumn/winter 2018 trend report, you'll find dozens of fresh new looks to replicate—some are instant crowd-pleasers, and others will only appeal to the more daring dressers out there. I'm always going to be a relatively classic dresser—a leopard-print dress is about as bold as I'll go—so there are a number of trends I can appreciate from afar but don't plan on ever wearing. I asked Who What Wear's editors the one trend they aren't going to do for the new season, starting with my own no-go item. 

1. Fleeces

Worst fashion trends 2018:



Ganni, I love you, but the one thing I just can't get on board with is the sleeveless fleeces worn over silk minidresses. Hiking-style gilets are just a no for me, but I'm certain the Copenhagen crowd will make these look surprisingly hip.

2. Snake Print

Worst fashion trends 2018: snake print



"I can appreciate how luxe it looks on everyone else, but as far as animal prints go, even leopard feels outrageous in my wardrobe," says associate social media editor Isabel Mundigo-Moore. "I'm hesitant when it comes to print (I usually stop at polka dots or stripes), so when I saw snake print was going to big for autumn, I knew it would be a miss from me. I think it looks fabulous on everyone else, but I know already it would be something I'd try and then donate in a few months time."

3. Hiking Boots and Ugly Trainers

Worst fashion trends 2018: hiking boots



"Call me a shoe purist, but I just cannot get on board with the super-sporty, super-"ugly" shoe trend. Now I'm started to wonder if the initial boom of chunky trainers has spawned too many cheap/bad copycats," says editorial director Hannah Almassi. "Perhaps I'm too short and like to dress up too much, but I've never once felt tempted to just throw on a pair of hiking boots and step into the world. I'm all for practical fashion, but 'trekking' through London doesn't require such hardcore footwear, does it?"

4. Crystals

Worst fashion trends 2018: crystals



"While I'd happily wear a spangly sequined top for Friday night cocktails, when it comes to wearing jewel-encrusted clothing or blinged-up accessories in the daytime, I struggle to get on board. My wardrobe doesn't really lend itself to extroverted accessories, and I generally prefer to make a statement with a bold silhouette or unusual pattern. You won't be catching me in Gucci's Flashtrek sneakers (feat. removable crystals) any time soon."

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