In 10 Years' Time, I Think We'll Be Embarrassed That We Wore These 8 Trends

Earlier this month, a member of the Who What Wear UK team wore a white Zara tracksuit to work and said, "In a decade, I know I will look back at this outfit and be like, What was I thinking?" For the next 15 minutes, we played a game called What Am I Wearing That Will Alarm My Future Self? For example, I love floral tea dresses now but anticipate that in 10 years' time, I will question why I spent my twenties dressed in frumpy knee-length "old aunt" midis. My deskmate Isabel Mundigo-Moore thinks it's her small sunglasses that she'll be cringing at, while Byrdie's Amy Lawrenson thinks her love of a brightly coloured trouser suit will have her face-palming in years to come. Keep scrolling to see eight of this decade's potential laughable trends.