In 10 Years' Time, I Think We'll Be Embarrassed That We Wore These 8 Trends

Earlier this month, a member of the Who What Wear UK team wore a white Zara tracksuit to work and said, "In a decade, I know I will look back at this outfit and be like, What was I thinking?" For the next 15 minutes, we played a game called What Am I Wearing That Will Alarm My Future Self? For example, I love floral tea dresses now but anticipate that in 10 years' time, I will question why I spent my twenties dressed in frumpy knee-length "old aunt" midis. My deskmate Isabel Mundigo-Moore thinks it's her small sunglasses that she'll be cringing at, while Byrdie's Amy Lawrenson thinks her love of a brightly coloured trouser suit will have her face-palming in years to come. Keep scrolling to see eight of this decade's potential laughable trends.

1. Tiny Sunglasses


Bella Hadid

Micro sunglasses perched at the end of the nose will probably make us cringe in a year, let alone 10. But for now, we're still 100% in.

2. Chunky Trainers




Chunky trainers (such as Balenciaga's Triple S and Louis Vuitton's space-age styles) might be knowingly "ugly," but could they lose their ironic street cred soon? Perhaps.

3. Dresses Your Aunt Would Wear


Jeanne Damas

It might seem like printed midi dresses will never lose popularity, but all trends come and go. At some point in the faraway future, I expect we'll look back on these and think they're old-fashioned and unflattering.

4. Pastel Suits


Hanna Steffansson

Pastels have typically been seen as very tricky until this summer. Now, all colour rules have gone out of the window and we've worn strictly pink, lilac and baby-blue trouser suits on repeat. For the moment, we definitely won't be ditching the idea.

5. Childish Accessories



Beaded bags, friendship bracelets, plastic jewellery, hair clips… our 2025 selves will surely wonder why we dressed like we were on our way to nursery.

6. String Bags


Lucy Williams

Now, string and basket bags aren't just for the beach, but I imagine we will wonder why we wore things that looked like grocery and laundry bags to work. Maybe it's all about buying more luxe versions to go the distance…

8. Rainbow Stripes

This summer we're all about colour. So much so that we are wearing it all at once and turning ourselves into a bag of Skittles, thanks to rainbow-striped everything. Can't joyful always be in fashion?

Anything you think we'll be cringing at in the years to come? Let us know in our shopping group So... should I buy this?

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