Rihanna Apparently Had More Fun Than Anyone At The World Cup

1. Of all the people who attended the World Cup or watched it on television, Rihanna probably had the most fun of anyone. [Twitter]

2. Amazon is offiicially testing their drone delivery system. Look out below! [Racked]

3. Are your locks falling flat in the summer heat? Here are six easy tips to make it full and pretty again. [Byrdie]

4. New York magazine followed Solange around for four days, taking pictures. Talk about a dream job. [Vulture]

5.  Not only do the French dress better, they also decorate their homes better. Here are some trés chic rooms you'll totally envy. [Domaine]

6. What? Kim Karadashian and Kanye West are selling their Bel Air mansion before they even move in. [Elle Decor]

7. Cara Delevingne lip synchs to a Jennifer Lopez song in this genius video for Love magazine. [Love]

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