How Much Shoppers Really Spend on Activewear

It's no secret that the activewear category has dominated the fashion industry as of late—both in actual fitness gear and in fresh takes on the athleisure trend. But as Racked mentioned, even Net-A-Porter couldn't believe just how much shoppers actually spend on activewear. In an interview with WWD, Net-A-Porter's VP of marketing and sales Heather Kaminestsky disclosed that the retailer's activewear branch, Net-A-Sporter has reported sales numbers comparable to sales on the rest of the site. Whoa—we're talking comparable to that amazing selection of designer clothing and accessories we know and love. "You would think the price points were a little lower and the AOV (average order value) would go down, but it didn't," Heather told WWD. "It stayed, and that was actually a huge surprise for me."

So interesting! In the mood to shop for activewear now after reading this news? Check out some of our favourite finds from Net-A-Sporter below.

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What do you think? Are you surprised that shoppers are spending comparable sums of money on activewear as regular day-to-day clothes? How much do you spend on activewear? Sound off in the comment section below.