I'll Be Living In These 8 Staples While I Work From Home

Apologies if you're seasoned in working from home by now, but for some of us, we are still learning how to create a good routine. For me, a big part of this is finding outfits that do two things: firstly, make me feel comfortable, and secondly, make me feel good. I know that some will roll their eyes at the idea of putting any thought into an outfit that will only be seen by your flatmates and/or the cashier at Sainsbury's. But in my experience, a good outfit really can have the power to shift my mood. 

I'm not going to suggest everyone should swan around their living rooms in tulle gowns and heels (although if that's what keeps you going, then more power to you), but maybe it's something as small as throwing on a brightly coloured jumper or slipping on a deliciously soft pair of cashmere joggers. It's these little pick-me-ups that can make all the difference in the long run.

Essentially, you gotta do what you gotta do. But if you happen to crave a bit of inspiration in the working-from-home wardrobe department, I've created a list of the pieces I'll be wearing over the coming weeks and months. I'm all about the luxe basics that will feel as comfy as pyjamas but will still help me transition into my work zone. And as buying new isn't realistic to many of us right now, many of these items are basics that you might already find within your wardrobe. 

The Comfy Trousers



The Feel-Good Jumper



The Versatile Tee



The Blanket Scarf

The Home-Workout Leggings



The Throw-On Dress



The Cosy Socks

The Go-for-a-Walk Essentials

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