9 Items Powerful Women Never Wear to Work


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The offices of Clique Media Group are constantly flooded with two things: powerful women and game-changing outfits. Call us biased, but that kind of positive energy on all fronts is addicting, encouraging us to dress like the best version of ourselves at all times while simultaneously clothing ourselves with the confidence needed to face the day. But what do the powerful women outside this office wear on a daily basis? More importantly, are there items they would never wear?

We decided to take this chance to investigate as we reached out to a handful of some of the most influential women in the industry to learn about the intimate details of their work-wardrobe essentials. What was the main takeaway? That the definition of "feeling powerful" varies depending on who you talk to, but the common denominator is always feeling like the woman you want to be. The correct portrayal of "power" in this case is in the eye of the beholder. Some of the wonderful women ahead revealed that showing up to work in running clothes makes them feel like they can conquer the world, while others regret to say that jeans to the office is a big no. Differences aside, these lovely ladies are an inspiration to women everywhere, and if their good taste doesn't convince you of that, their wise words will.

Curious to learn more about the work-wardrobe essentials of some of the most powerful women in the industry? Scroll down to read what they have to say.