I'm Not a Morning Person, But This Work Capsule Wardrobe Makes Me Look Like One

Hands up if you always plan your workwear wardrobe on a Sunday night for the week ahead… Hands up if you set aside your outfit the night before… If you’re anything like me, you’re already running seven minutes late, so you grab pieces from your bedroom chair and throw them together hoping to look somewhat presentable.

In an attempt to make mornings less manic (read: to ensure you don’t turn up at the office looking like you were dressed by a 4-year-old), I decided to do some research.  With the help of some seriously smart, stylish women, I think I’ve cracked the work capsule wardrobe code—and on a budget, too.

Interchangeable and direct from the high street, all you need to impress your boss are eight key buys. Keep scrolling to see and shop our picks. Consider that promotion yours.