Cosy, Chic and Classic—I Really Like These 22 Woollen Blazers

When it comes to identifying the most popular blazers for women, a few styles come to mind instantaneously. Checked blazers are always a strong choice; leather, too. As are classic black and cream shades, which will go with just about anything you choose to wear underneath them. But when it comes to winter, there’s one blazer style I prioritise above the rest: those of the woollen variety.

As someone who wears blazers almost every day (at least, the days I venture outside of the house), I’m so glad wool blazers for women exist. As we all know, wool is one of the toastiest fibres out there, and selecting a wool blazer means I can continue to wear it even on the coldest of days without feeling a chill.

Don’t get me wrong; I still have a puffer coat and a camel robe coat I can wear when I need more coverage and insulation. However, more often than not, a wool blazer is the outerwear I reach for most days because it has the power to make even the most casual of outfits feel more polished. I tend to wear my wool blazer mostly with jeans and a cable-knit jumper, but as Karina Marriott and Jessica Skye prove, it looks just as sleek with midi skirts.

Wool Blazers for Women: @_jessicaskye wears a beige wool blazer with a grey knitted midi skirt



Wool blazers tend to cost more than their non-woollen counterparts, as the fabric is more expensive to buy than, say, cotton. But the typically hip-length and minimalistic shape of blazers means they work with most outfit silhouettes—everything from miniskirts to wide-leg trousers. I’ve certainly got the use of my & Other Stories wool blazer, and I see no reason you wouldn’t get the same cost per wear out of whichever you choose.

There are so many great wool blazers for women out there, but I’ve whittled them down to the 22 best. So keep scrolling your perfect winter cover-up.


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