Ladies, We're Paying More Than Men for the SAME Bags

It's official: The world is not a fair place. Not only do we women typically earn only 77 cents for every dollar that men earn (yes, it's still true, according to the most recent census data reported in 2012), according to (perhaps somewhat less mathematical) research done by the brilliant editors over at Purse Blogwe also pay more for our handbags, too. 

The editors at Purse Blog looked at 10 different women's handbags from designers like Givenchy, Valentino, and Saint Laurent, then compared the prices to very similar men's bags by the same designers. We're talking nearly identical bags, with comparable shape, finish, and amount of materials used. And their findings? Almost across the board, the men's bags were notably more affordable.

Despite the fact that the men's bags in question were universally larger than the women's, they still cost less. And to break it down even further, the editors examined each bag's cost per cubic inch, to see if the same observation still held true. It did. Givenchy's highly recognisable Bambi pouch clocked in at $5.11 per cubic inch for women, and just $4.36 per cubic inch for men. Either way you look at it, that's an expensive Disney character, but you have to admit that we ladies are paying a lot more for the luxury of wearing him.

Head over to Purse Blog to read the rest of the fascinating findings. And tell us: Do YOU think it's fair that women pay more for their bags than men?



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