From Lagos to Dubai: What Women Around the World Are Shopping Right Now

You could say that thanks to the internet, fashion has become democratised in many ways. Anyone, no matter what part of the world they live in, can buy the same item. Someone in Sydney can purchase the latest Bottega Veneta bag as easily as someone living in Mexico City. However, while Instagram might make you think that "everyone dresses the same," that's not strictly true.

Having spent plenty of time (read: years) looking through street style looks during various fashion weeks, I can tell you that there's a definite difference between how the fashion crowd in London dress and how those in Milan, New York and Paris dress. Each individual city has its own look. London remains true to its eccentric reputation, Milan is bold and full of Gucci, New York is slick and Paris is chic, with a lot of black and Chanel.

But what about other cities in the world? I reached out to women living all over—including Dubai, Lagos, Oslo, Paris and Corsica—to find out how women are shopping today. There were absolutely some similarities in terms of labels, Jacquemus and Bottega being the most sought-after brands. However, it was also clear that each place has its own style. Keep scrolling to see what women across the world have on their wish lists today. 

Dubai: @DesertMannequin

If you're not already following Anum Bashir, who runs the account @DesertMannequin, might I suggest you do so immediately? The stylish influencer resides in Dubai, and her sun-soaked shots are always full of fun and interesting outfit ideas. Expect to find pieces that are great for layering as well as bright colours for those shopping in Dubai. 

Corsica: @Emilie_tla



Corsica-based Emilie's style definitely goes towards more minimalist pieces, but they're still high glamour. Right now, it seems that those on the island favour brands such as Bottega Veneta and French classics such as Hermès. But of-the-moment labels such as The Frankie Shop and Jacquemus are also featured heavily. 



Designer Lisa Folawiyo's selections tell me that those living in Lagos look for bold colours when it comes to their shopping wish lists, whether it's seeking out bright hues from Loewe or new designers such as Kenneth Ize. If in doubt, however, go with some great prints.

Oslo: @Polliani



Scandinavian Janka Polliani doesn't hold back when it comes to colour. The Oslo resident showcases bold clashes regularly on her personal Instagram page, but her selections are minimalist in detail and have block hues. 

Ellie of Slip Into Style is, by now, an honorary Parisian. (She's originally from Martinique.) She has an innate understanding of what French women love in their wardrobes but also loves to push the boundaries. Case in point: French women will always love a floral dress and espadrilles, but chunky sandals aren't off the agenda, either. 

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