4 Winter Wedding Outfits Guaranteed to Earn You Best-Dressed Status

Building a winter wedding outfit is a process rife with problems. You want to be warm, but you don't want to feel so bundled up that you can't show off your outfit. Then there's the issue of accidentally wearing all black and looking rather sombre for a lovely occasion. Indeed, it's a sartorial minefield. 

But fear not, as there is no shortage of solutions to the cold-weather outfit dilemma. Our editors have worked tirelessly to hunt down a few looks that are super-easy to copy, will not only work for someone's chilly nuptials but also for that office bash you've got coming up too, and may help you get use out of pieces you already own. What can we say—we're partial to a bit of multitasking! Keep scrolling to see to unlock the winter wedding outfits guaranteed to earn you best-dressed guest status. 

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