I'm Sorry, But I Just Can't Get on Board With "Wandals"

Fashion editors, designers and stylists aren’t exactly known for their supremely practical approach to dressing, but sometimes even I have to pause a moment and really think about the viability of certain trends IRL. It doesn’t happen often (come on, clothes are supposed to be fun), but in the age of Instagram, some unexpected ideas really ignite, leaving us mere mortals out in the cold.

In my most recent case of “What’s Fashion Gone and Done Now?” is the rise of what I’m calling “wandals.” From Scandinavia to NYC and London to Milan, girls are stepping out in freezing weather with the outfits to suit, only there’s no sign of a sensible pair of boots or closed-toed shoes in sight. Oh, no—they’re wearing sandals. In winter. Hence the nomenclature of wandals. But I’m fairly certain you got that already.



Although the idea is very Carrie Bradshaw (always a good thing), one must remember that Carrie was a fictional character with a fictional taxi budget and fictional weather-resistant feet that wouldn’t be prone to frostbite. Wandals are not for day-to-day activities of the average working girl who needs to wait 15 minutes in sleet for a jam-packed bus. I’m confused (and a bit scared of losing a toe).

They do look awfully pretty on social media, I’ll admit, and they make me want to go for a night out bare-legged during this festive period. I’d also be lying if I said seeing girls in sandals during this time of year doesn’t inspire me to add some to my shoe collection, but I, dear readers, could just not justify that. Keep reading to see who’s backing wandals for winter 2018, and if you feel so inclined, you can shop some for yourself.



Alexis wearing Zara’s strappy sandals.

Laura in red strappy sandals with wide-leg jeans.

Darja wearing white strappy stilettos from Jimmy Choo.

Ellie wearing silver Saint Laurent sandals.

Hanna’s black mules are party-ready with tights.

Vanessa has taken the winter coat–and–strappy sandals combination to the next level.



Monikh’s been wearing these Chanel sandals nonstop.



Simply Cyn’s vibrant yellow combination is so Christmassy.

Stephanie’s tights-and-mules combination is very Scandi.

Tamu can’t resist the chunky Chanel sandals either.

Add socks to your Balenciagas like Viky, et voilá.

These look far more expensive than their price tag.

Cute with thick tights (in an Alexa Chung kind of way).

I’d personally save these for a wedding next year.

Make like a Scandi girl and wear with patterned tights.

Next up, the best winter coats to balance out your cold feet.

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