I'm Sorry, But I Just Can't Get on Board With "Wandals"

Fashion editors, designers and stylists aren’t exactly known for their supremely practical approach to dressing, but sometimes even I have to pause a moment and really think about the viability of certain trends IRL. It doesn’t happen often (come on, clothes are supposed to be fun), but in the age of Instagram, some unexpected ideas really ignite, leaving us mere mortals out in the cold.

In my most recent case of “What’s Fashion Gone and Done Now?” is the rise of what I’m calling “wandals.” From Scandinavia to NYC and London to Milan, girls are stepping out in freezing weather with the outfits to suit, only there’s no sign of a sensible pair of boots or closed-toed shoes in sight. Oh, no—they’re wearing sandals. In winter. Hence the nomenclature of wandals. But I’m fairly certain you got that already.