These 5 Outfits Are Trending on Pinterest This Month

It's not much of a surprise that according to Pinterest's end of year report, it has seen a +118% rise in searches for "sustainability" in 2019. Which is great news, as it means we fashion savvy people are seeking new ways to be more style-conscious. But what does that mean for our winter outfits? Well, it looks like minimalism once again reigns. According to the report, long satin dresses (+331%), black silk skirts (+458%), and recycled jumpers (+91%) are at the top of the trending list for this winter. Which is great, as many of us already own these, so it just comes down to the styling. We can also look to incorporate our puff-sleeve dresses (+108%) into our winter wardrobes, along with animal print which is still seeing growth as a search term and holding onto its long reign at the top of the fashion kingdom.

Winter months bring with them a lot of outfit blah and a general lack of inspiration, so we're always keen to turn to Pinterest for fresh ideas. Keep scrolling for the five outfit formulas that are trending on Pinterest for this winter. You'll see how to try them and where to shop the looks.


Jumpers are, of course, a winter staple, but more specifically vintage and "recycled" jumpers are all over Pinterest right now. Think big fishermen knits and thick-knit cardigans (all oversized).

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Pinterest Winter Outfit Ideas: Recycled Vintage Jumpers



We've seen a lot of Pinterest outfits where people layer up jumpers on jumpers. Wear a big knit or wool jacket and then casually tie a jumper over your shoulders like you would a scarf. 


Beige outfits swiftly took over at the start of 2019. We wouldn't get enough of them! And so it's no surprise that evolutions of the beige outfit formula are popping up everywhere, from the runways to Pinterest.  

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Best Winter Outfit Ideas Pinterest 2020: Beige and Brown Aesthetic on Ada Oguntodu



We see a lot of people trying out beige and brown as a colour combo, which evokes the 1970s in all the right ways. Try using your accessories to warm up the hues of the beiges with gold accents. 


Long satin dresses have long owned the night, but let them shine during the day in full colour with tights and flats. This makes for such an easy (and fabulous) one-step outfit. 

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Best Winter Outfit Ideas Pinterest 2020: Long Satin Dresses on Jessie Bush



In the spirit of the famous Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, why not mix up your winter workwear with a splash of green silk and clashing blue shoes?


The 1980s are the decade to channel when it comes to your eveningwear this season. The puff-sleeved dress trend is still going strong into winter, and we love seeing the different day and night ways of interpreting them.

What's great about the puff-sleeved dress trend is that, like satin dresses, we're seeing so many people wearing them during the day, more casually. Bring out your party dress with trainers and a fun bag. 


Silk skirts have cemented their place as a classic wardrobe staple after a major few seasons as a top trend. They work year-round and work for any personal style. So why not extend the brilliance of black silk across your pieces, from tops to bags?

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Styling your silk pieces is rather simple because they go with everything. We're loving how the street style set is pairing delicate garments like silks with heavy boots and big coats and knits. 

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