Bloggers Can't Stop Wearing These Winter Outfit Combinations

It can be all too easy when temperatures drop to a certain (read: icy) level to lean on the same outfits you have for the past few years, huddling up in grey, navy and black knitwear and the same black ankle boots. While you can't beat a classic, if you're looking for some new winter combinations, the likes of Lucy Williams, Camille Charrière and more have been wearing a number of practical—yet still interesting— looks you too will be able to wear on repeat until March. Many of these key items you'll already own, such as a black turtleneck, a camel coat and classic Chelsea boots, but you can make your winter wardrobe more 2017 with berets, red boots and anything vinyl. 

Scroll through the gallery to see six outfit combinations that you can lean on this winter.