Spotting Microtrends Is My Speciality—These 8 Feel So Current

You might be curious as to what a microtrend actually is. To be honest, it’s hard to pinpoint, as so many aesthetics are having a moment right now. But generally speaking, microtrends are an offshoot of the overarching trends showcased in the designer collections. The beauty of microtrends is that they don’t require heavy investment on your part and are significantly easier to weave into our daily looks.

Often, a single buy can sum up a larger trend very succinctly, allowing you to tap into the mood without compromising your carefully honed personal style or overhauling your existing wardrobe. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a fresh colour combination or a new way to wear your basics. Regardless, a microtrend will encourage you to switch up the way you get dressed, which is something I can certainly use to break up my tracksuit monotony. 

Of course, microtrends exist year-round, but I’ve noticed that they seem to peak in winter when fashion people are looking for exciting ways to style their coats and jumpers for the hundredth day in a row. If you too would like to inject some 2022 cool into your ensembles, I’ve found eight winter microtrends that’ll help you breathe new life into your wares. Scroll on to see them and to shop my pick of the best shopping for each.


Style Notes: Perhaps it’s the latest release of The Matrix, but fashion girls have been dusting off their leather coats of late, wearing them with everything from knee-high boots to Nike trainers. Hailey Bieber stepped out in one just this week, so I suggest getting in on the action now before it blows up to bigger-trend territory. 


Winter Microtrends: @maria_bernad styles a pink faux fur bucket hat with a bright pink jumper



Style Notes: I first noticed furry bucket hats doing the rounds last year when Emily Ratajowski wore her Emma Brewin style with, funnily enough, a leather coat. This, however, was very close to Christmas when we were all preoccupied with present-wrapping and such—meaning it flew under the style radar. Now, though, demand for the throwback accessory is ramping up. 


Style Notes: Although it has remained a constant on the shopping scene for years, Vivienne Westwood’s Orb necklaces have been reinstated as part of the fashion-girl uniform ever since Dua Lipa wore one to the Brit Awards. 


Style Notes: With winter come tights, but this year, those in the know are becoming more experimental with their hosiery. Logos we've come to expect but red tights? Now this feels fresh. 


Style Notes: Another microtrend that’s poised to hit the big time, corsets are cropping up in more jeans-and-nice-top outfit combinations than ever. Personally, I love The Vampire’s Wife’s dedication to the trend by way of its baroque, lace-front corset, but there are plenty of pared-back options to choose from, too, should that be more in keeping with your style. 


Style Notes: Being 5’3” and a heel wearer, I’ve always had time for platform heels. Now, they’re back for 2022 in just about every shoe type you can think of—Mary Janes, loafers, and boots. It’s winter, so you might consider investing in the latter initially.


Winter Microtrends: @yoyokulala wears chunky crew socks with Chanel loafers



Style Notes: Sometimes it’s the simplest tweaks that can make all the difference to your look. Case in point: the chunky sports socks fashion girls are currently wearing with all their outfits right now. 


Style Notes: If your body temperature rests between cold and freezing like mine does, then this is one microtrend you’ll embrace with open arms. Influencers are using brightly coloured roll-necks as chic base layers. Wear yours under everything from biker jackets to woollen blazers. 

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